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 - properties of functions  
 - first degree functions  
 - second degree functions 
 - polynomials  
 - rational functions 
 - transformations and some standard functions 
 - goniometric functions 
 - exponential and logaritmic functions 
 definition, domain, range, roots, slope, periodic functions, symmetry
 meaning of a and b, values and table, graph, intersection axes, slope, sign
 types, graph, axis of symmetry, position of xAxis, path, sign
 euclidian division, theorem of herner, roots, sign
 graphs and equations
 f(x) = x, f(x) = x2, f(x) = x3, f(x) = |x|, f(x) = 1/x, f(x) = sqrt(x)
 f(x) = a . sin [b(x - c)] + d
 f(x) = ax en f(x) = alog (x)
 - limits to infinity of functions   
 - derivates 
 - integrals 
 differences, difference quotient, derivate, path, inclination points, tangent
 primitive function, defined integral, enclosed region, average value